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On their way to one of our lovely Dutch customers: 8 mm Safety Pins by Tawapa!

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Fresh helix flap piercing through a healed ear pointing with an @anatometalinc prong set light blue opal. Piercing by me, ear pointing by @inkdemention. Also check out those amazing rainbow gem eyelets from @anatometalinc #piercing #bodypiercing #philly #philadelphia #southstreet #AssociationofProfessionalPiercers #appmember #safepiercing #NoKaOiBodyPiercing #instagood #instacool #jewelry #bodyjewelry #picoftheday #mybodymod #bodymodlife #legitpiercingslook #legitbodyjewelry #thecrypt #helix (at The Crypt Tattoo Company)

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Off to a photo-shoot today✌️


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  April 03, 2014 at 05:08am
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Sometimes you have to step up your conch game and put bling on the back too!

^ this.

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Russian Red by #MACcosmetics, worth the wait! ❤️💋💄

This creature is so beautiful~ <3


Single conch piercing by Ryan Ouellette with a 5 gem cluster by Anatometal. Precision Body Arts in Nashua, New Hampshire. 

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That healthy thick lobe. SO jealous.

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Yay after forever I finally got my industrial strength septum clicker!
They sent the wrong size though wtf! Fortunately I can wear it though its mega snug
Also my maya organic bamboozled hoops arrived too :) they’re so comfy to wear!
Dunno why my ear looks so weird like its tearing as that is not the case at all

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Ink Me, Perpignan.

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 1 1/2in by Agave Adornments

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