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Hugh Laurie joins the cast of LittleBigPlanet 3 

Sony has announced Hugh Laurie and Nolan North have joined Stephen Fry as part of the voice cast for LittleBigPlanet 3.

Catch the announcement trailer here.


We got a small taste of Tetsuya Nomura’s recent interview with Famitsu that had been edited earlier which revealed that Kingdom Hearts III will be developed on the Unreal Engine 4. Thanks to Goldpanner, the revised edition of the interview has been fully translated!

Small parts have been tweaked by Famitsu, which provide a fresh new take on Nomura’s words.

Check out the full interview here!

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Harvest Moon’s collector’s edition bunny ⊟

Natsume is making all the right moves with Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley: the Minecrafty land customization, the $30 price point (for the standard edition), and this bunny.

It’s included with the Collector’s Edition of the game — other details of which have yet to be announced. But, like, what else do you need to know? Unless it’s outrageously overpriced beyond the standard edition, game + awesome bunny seems like a winner.

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New 3DS Systems Will Have Customizable Faceplates

Finally, your 3DS will be able to change it’s look with the seasons.

The New 3DS models will give you the option to change the faceplates sporting different patterns and classic characters from your favorite Nintendo titles.

Now you won’t have to drop the dime any time a fancy new limited edition 3DS comes around. Nintendo will be offering these at 10,000-30,000 yen a piece when the new models drop later this year in Japan. Ogle every faceplate for yourself here. [❤]

3DS SALE: AC: New Leaf $25, Mario 3DS $25
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Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire SteelBook edition and preorder bonuses for Europe ⊟

Though Europe gets the new ‘mons a week later than the rest of the world, if you preorder the games there, you’ll receive special SteelBook packaging, elevating you above the plastic casing plebes in other regions.

The official Nintendo UK store is throwing Primal Kyogre and Groudon figures with their respective preorders, as is retailer GAME. It looks like ShopTo is including Torchic keyrings with reservations for standard editions for the game — not sure how you get the other keyrings, but they are things that exist!

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Guys, more Kitty Kat 3DS XL covers ⊟

Cyber Gadget done did it again — its releasing a fresh set of Nyan silicon covers with new designs for ¥1580 (around $15) each. While they release in Japan next week, you can buy the original Nyan covers — available in White, Pink, and Black — along with Paw Pad touch pens on Amazon right now.

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Bethesda announces The Evil Within Season Pass

Bethesda has announced that their upcoming survival-horror is getting a Season Pass and three DLC packs.

More details here.


Hey, guys, did you hear? Mega Slowbro ⊟

I neglected to mention Mega Slowbro’s existence this morning, and now Patricia Hernandez and every other Poké person has put up much better posts than I can hope to make. So, let’s just get it over with. Here’s Mega Slowbro. The creature popped up on the official Korean Pokémon website (along with Mega Audino) this morning. Its special ability is “Shell Armor.”

Serebii offers these details:

"It has boosted Defense and Special Attack. Energy was focused in the Shellder biting Slowbro’s tail, and the result was that the hardness of the shell increased and it became an immensely hard suit of armor that can be damaged by no one. When the battle begins Mega Slowbro uses its tail to stand up straight and it propels itself like a spring."

Mega Slowbro is super cute and super pitiful, and this Mega evolution solidifies his status as Pokémon’s Ralph Wiggum. Look at the poor fool. It can barely move in that thing. Credit to Ferrari94 for the GIF.

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Limited Edition Smash Bros. 3DS XL unveiled ⊟

So far it’s only announced for Europe, but I would be surprised if Nintendo of America didn’t support such a big release with special edition hardware in the States. This bundle, which includes a pre-installed digital copy of Smash Bros., will launch alongside the 3DS game in Europe on October 3.

The company also announced Meta Knight will return as a playable fighter.

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Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries Kickstarter begins

A cinematic fairy tale platformer for PC, full of drama and dark twists. Step into the boots of a vengeful Red Riding Hood.

Catch the trailer here.

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MONOPOLY: THE LEGEND OF ZELDA [GameStop Exclusive Edition]

Do you like having friends? People you can trust and count on when you need them the most? WELL, NOT ANYMORE! Monopoly: The Legend of Zelda is coming out September 15th and is guaranteed to break up a friendship or two! You can pre-order it now by going to this handy-dandy link. I am going to be dirt-poor by the end of this year, I just know it.

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Nintendo Hints At Another Legend of Zelda Game on 3DS

At a Nintendo shareholder’s meeting which took place last month, Miyamoto claimed “there are also secret ideas brewing for another [Legend of Zelda] series entry on 3DS” as well as “we have ideas for Nintendo 3DS which we have not announced yet, so I hope you will look forward to them.”

Could it be the Majora’s Mask remake many people have been hoping for? Many people are speculating that it might be exactly that, especially considering that Nintendo producer Eiji Aonuma hinted at such a remake last year.

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Zelda: A Link Between Worlds keychains ⊟

I know you’re looking at those cute Link and Zeldas right now, but give it a second and let that Master Sword keychain sink in. And those Triforces. Man. NCSX will ship complete sets for $18.90.

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Mirror’s Edge 2 E3 video delves behind the scenes

DICE has delivered a new trailer offering a greater look at the upcoming Mirror’s Edge.

View the clip here.


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End E3 2014 trailer

Sony and Naughty Dog have unveiled Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End at the climax of Sony’s E3 press conference.

Catch the new clip here.