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NEW Sailor Moon Costume Skater Dresses! Available in original and galaxy print!

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I’ve got incredibly shit lighting up here in the arcade area, but I am so beyond stoked about this necklace I got from #Sanshee #sansheemerch #teamsanshee!! #gaming #thelegendofzelda #zelda #nintendo #geekery #personal #ctcon #connecticon (at ConnectiCon Convention)

  July 11, 2014 at 09:51pm


New Converse X Mario One Star ⊟

Genius use of the Converse star logo on these. They ship in August, for Japan only, and come in red and green. Oh, and they’re like $215 a pair, so just color some little eyes into your own One Stars instead. Via @farmboyinjapan!



Harry Potter House Quills

These cruelty-free quills are made out of dyed pheasant feathers. Quills in each house’s color are available. An ideal gift for any Hogwarts student. Sold on Etsy.



NEW LOZ Light & Dark World full print skater dresses and leggings!

Available in sizes S-XXL. Also available in bodycon tank dress style. More designs coming soon. 

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These have seriously been in my wishlist for so long D:

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Starters Sweatshirt x

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  July 06, 2014 at 05:08am
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Official pic of the Sailor Moon swing set 4! You can still preorder them here.


Howl’s Moving Castle Moving Figure (x)


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Zelda: A Link Between Worlds keychains ⊟

I know you’re looking at those cute Link and Zeldas right now, but give it a second and let that Master Sword keychain sink in. And those Triforces. Man. NCSX will ship complete sets for $18.90.

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Real deal. #thelegendofzelda #zelda #nintendo #gaming #geekery #personal #alinkbetweenworlds

  June 16, 2014 at 01:27pm

#gaming #zelda #thelegendofzelda #alinkbetweenworlds #nintendo #geekery #personal

  June 16, 2014 at 01:20pm

I FORGOT TO POST WHAT MAGICAL GIFT I WAS GIVEN WHEN I WENT TO THE SUPER SMASH BROS WIIU EVENT! :3 #ilovemynintendorep #nintendo #gaming #thelegendofzelda #alinkbetweenworlds #zelda #geekery #personal

  June 16, 2014 at 01:17pm


Crash Bandicoot Action Figures



"The Nightmare Before Christmas" Cuckoo Clock

Jack Skellington and Sally stand in front of the Town Hall and Jack’s Tower. At the flip of a switch, the windows of Jack’s Tower, the ghosts and pumpkins illuminate with glowing light. Instead of a traditional cuckoo on the hour, this clock plays “This is Halloween” while Zero pops in and out of the doors atop the Town Hall. The clock is powered by a precision quartz movement and features an embellished clock face, complete with spider web design and slightly off-kilter numbers. The swinging brass-toned pendulum is decorated with the Halloween Town Spiral Hill. Decorative pinecone weights hang below, with Shock and Barrel clinging to them while Lock cheers them on from above.

You can purchase it here!

Ooooh the temptation