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Stole this one from Facebook:

Courtney Jane Maxwell: “This is the end result of the biggest anodization ‘project’ I’ve done so far! We did 14 niobium continuous rings graduating in color from light pink to light green. I originally included more colors (for those of you who saw the post I made a while back of the jewelry prior to installation) but we changed a few things to keep it in the range of her favorite colors. Then we topped it all off with a pair of gorgeous earrings from Glass Heart Jewelry that had an amazingly complementary color scheme. The finished product is pretty freaking awesome!!! Her shortly cropped silver hair definitely provides a stunning backdrop for it all! (Note: these are all healed piercing that the client has had since she was a teenager. I am only responsible for the jewelry!)”

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Micheal from @mementomoristudios in Abbotsford B.C. Canada used the triangular shape of the I.S. ODYSSEY “Ménage à Trois” Titanium Prong-set Faceted Gem Threaded End, to create this fabulous triangular 3xHelix piercing design in the perfect triangular spot in the Flat for this client. That looks great, Mike! 😊

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Yesterday was an amazing day I put a few @bvla in my customers. here is the pretty @hunden_ynk with her new set , in the medusa a beautiful gold pear shape tiger eye matching with her symmetric nostrils that my fantastic co-worker @christianepinpoint did (en Pinpoint Piercing)

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Sailor Moon inner senshi on one thigh, outers to come on the other thigh.

holy shit

Kim is sooooo legit~

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On their way to one of our lovely Dutch customers: 8 mm Safety Pins by Tawapa!

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Did this on the lovely Samantha today ✨❤️

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All my pretties from Anatometal! Amethyst and tangerine cz set in copper titanium. Fucking gorgeous.

Whitney is so wonderful for ordering and installing these for me. And of course for doing the triangle and nipple piercings.

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Fresh helix flap piercing through a healed ear pointing with an @anatometalinc prong set light blue opal. Piercing by me, ear pointing by @inkdemention. Also check out those amazing rainbow gem eyelets from @anatometalinc #piercing #bodypiercing #philly #philadelphia #southstreet #AssociationofProfessionalPiercers #appmember #safepiercing #NoKaOiBodyPiercing #instagood #instacool #jewelry #bodyjewelry #picoftheday #mybodymod #bodymodlife #legitpiercingslook #legitbodyjewelry #thecrypt #helix (at The Crypt Tattoo Company)

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Off to a photo-shoot today✌️


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these just in, 9/16” opal rainbow awesomeness from ANATOMETAL! You have no idea how much i love these things. and , they match my Anato flower ;)

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It’s Vainca’s birthday!

I’ve had the pleasure of having Vainca as a client for several years now. She’s always changing things up with her jewelry and always manages pick out exquisite pieces that really show off her piercings. 

I pierced her daith a month ago and she dropped in today to treat herself to something new for it. 

She chose this stunning 16g Bombay Twilight from BVLA in 14k yellow gold. 

It looks absolutely amazing in her daith. 

Thank you as always, Vainca. Have a great birthday!

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Just did these quadruple helix piercings.

Center is a white gold trinity cluster end from BVLA and the others are white opal cabochon ends from Neometal.

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