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the day this beautiful bitch came out, I seriously had 4 people tag/post on my facebook so I saw her. Y’all know… y’all know… <3 ___ <3

this babe <3

Act 3. Rei - Sailor Mars

Sailor Mars Attacks


Attacks (Japanese Version):
-Fire Soul
-Akuryo taisan
-Fire Soul Bird
-Burning Mandala
-Mars Flame Snipe

Attacks (North American Version):
-Mars Fire Ignite
-I call upon the power of Mars! Fireballs charge
-Mars Firebird Strike
-Mars Celestial Fire Surround
-Mars Flame Shatter

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Happy Birthday Rei Hino / Sailor Mars!

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  December 28, 2013 at 08:34pm
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Sailor Trio by Rurutia8

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