Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Playable Characters/Classes


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Monsters University (2013)

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Kingdom Hearts Anniversary Posters - Created by Fernando Gutierrez

To mark the eleventh anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series and the release and announcement of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix and Kingdom Hearts III, I’ve created 8 vector posters to commemorate each chapter of the series.

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I remember crying over you and I don’t mean a couple of tears and I’m blue. I’m talking about collapsing and screaming at the moon.

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I want to reblog this every time I see it.

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Every time I see a post about hymens and virginity, I need to say this and reiterate it and just make everyone understand:

your first time is not supposed to hurt

your first time is not supposed to hurt

your first time is not supposed to hurt



  • Not enough lubrication.
  • Not enough preparation.
  • Not enough foreplay.
  • Your partner is a giant dicksplash.


  • LUBE IS YOUR VERY BEST FRIEND! Yes the vagina secretes a fluid that can act as a natural lubricant but that is not enough for vaginal sex. And for some women (like myself), they do not secrete nearly enough for even penetration, let alone sex. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH LUBE.
  • FOREPLAY, FOREPLAY, FOREPLAY!!! You want to be good and turned on, like super turned on, coz the more you’re aroused, the more pliant and warm your vagina is going to be, and it’s more likely to allow a dick in without tearing. Like even when you’re giving birth, doctors nowadays will actually massage the outer rim of your vagina so that everything loosens up and allows A FUCKING BABY TO BE BORN WITHOUT TEARING YOU.
  • PREPARATION (WHICH IS SOMEWHAT RELATED TO FOREPLAY)!!!! If you have never had anything in your vagina before, you’re probs gonna need a couple fingers in there to help you loosen up. This can easily be tied into foreplay.
  • A GENTLE, UNDERSTANDING LOVER WHO KNOWS AND RESPECTS THE ABOVE HINTS!!!! You don’t have to be in love with the person you first have sex with, but it should be someone who respects you and your boundaries!!! Before having sex with someone, explain to them these things and your masturbatory experience, your wants and needs. If they don’t respect that THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE ANYWHERE NEAR YOUR VAGINA.

Basically it comes down to this: if your partner says “it’s normal to bleed the first time,” sit him (or her) down and talk to them about what actually happens and how it’s supposed to go. If they respect that, cool. If they don’t, fuck ‘em. Actually no, don’t fuck them, dump their ass and find someone who doesn’t subscribe to the belief that anything as lovely and intimate as your first time having sex has to hurt.

This is a basic patriarchal myth to both scare women from having sex, as well as contribute to the laziness of men in terms of making sex enjoyable for their female partners.

Sex never has to hurt. And don’t you dare let anyone tell you that it fucking has to.

If you have health problems that legitimately make vaginal intercourse hurt, there are a billion other things you can do with your partner, and you should communicate your health issues to every single partner. Again, if they respect that, rock on. If they don’t, tell them ‘adios’ and leave the bedroom.

even more information about the hymen

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Tokyo Disney Resort: Easter 2014:)

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Milk in cookie cup.

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cat stuck in a bathtub

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I’m here if any of you need to talk<3

Argentina Suicide Hotlines

Armenia Suicide Hotlines

Australia Suicide Hotlines

Austria Suicide Hotlines

Barbados Suicide Hotlines

Belgium Suicide Hotlines

Botswana Suicide Hotlines

Brazil Suicide Hotlines

Canada Suicide Hotlines

China Suicide Hotlines

Croatia Suicide Hotlines

Cyprus Suicide Hotlines

Denmark Suicide Hotlines

Egypt Suicide Hotlines

Estonia Suicide Hotlines

Fiji Suicide Hotlines

Finland Suicide Hotlines

France Suicide Hotlines

Germany Suicide Hotlines

Ghana Suicide Hotlines

Gibraltar Suicide Hotlines

Hong Kong Suicide Hotlines

Hungary Suicide Hotlines

India Suicide Hotlines

Ireland Suicide Hotlines

Israel Suicide Hotlines

Italy Suicide Hotlines

Japan Suicide Hotlines

Liberia Suicide Hotlines

Lithuania Suicide Hotlines

Malaysia Suicide Hotlines

Malta Suicide Hotlines

Mauritius Suicide Hotlines

Namibia Suicide Hotlines

Netherlands Suicide Hotlines

New Zealand Suicide Hotlines

Norway Suicide Hotlines

Paupua New Guinea Suicide Hotlines

Philippines Suicide Hotlines

Poland Suicide Hotlines

Portugal Suicide Hotlines

Russian Federation Suicide Hotlines

Somoa Suicide Hotlines

Serbia Suicide Hotlines

Singapore Suicide Hotlines

South Africa Suicide Hotlines

South Korea Suicide Hotlines

Spain Suicide Hotlines

Sri Lanka Suicide Hotlines

St. Vincent Suicide Hotlines

Sudan Suicide Hotlines

Sweden Suicide Hotlines

Switzerland Suicide Hotlines

Taiwan Suicide Hotlines

Thailand Suicide Hotlines

Tobago Suicide Hotlines

Tonga Suicide Hotlines

Trinidad and Tobago Suicide Hotlines

Turkey Suicide Hotlines

Ukraine Suicide Hotlines

United Kingdom Suicide Hotlines

United States Suicide Hotlines

Zimbabwe Suicide Hotlines

The best part is, this post actually does something, it offers support, unlike one of those useless “reblog if you care” posts.

Yooo my country’s not in this list so here’s the suicide hotline for Indonesia: (+62)21-500454

Reblog this around!

Please please please reblog this…. It could save someone’s life

reblogging for the addition of hotline links

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And I apologize for interrupting your conversation with whoever that chick was. You can go back to it now since I’m in bed.

And now I hear you typing furiously.

  April 14, 2014 at 02:39am

LOL. why would he want to pay attention to me. Wow. I’m stupid.

We were doing theme song quizzes and it was fun and we were laughing and bonding but I guess I can’t hold his attention long enough.

I think it’s pretty rude to watch gifs of girls stripping online while I’m talking to you and trying to have fun with you. But I understand it’s more interesting than me.. Forgive me. I’ll just go to bed now.

Am I wrong? Ugh…

  April 14, 2014 at 02:37am