Upon watching the original Japanese version of Sailor Moon, I was shocked to discover just how nice all of the Senshi were to each other. I was also greatly disturbed becasue this meant that the writers of the English dub weren’t happy with this, and thus added in most of their bickering and insulting of each other. I have never been more disappointed.

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Yup. The English language writers couldn’t have girl friends without snark and cattiness. That says something sad about our culture.

Like, in one ep of the English dub they rewrote “Rei finds the moon stick that Usagi left behind” to “Raye steals it because she thinks she would be a better leader than Serena”.

In an earlier episode, they rewrote “Ami and Rei are nowhere near an attack” to “Amy and Raye go on strike and refuse to help innocent people because they don’t think Sailor Moon is a very good leader”. Like, this isn’t just garden-variety bickering, this is intense levels of pettiness to the point they were willing to put innocent lives in danger like WTF IS WRONG WITH THOSE WRITERS

Oh holy shit. I’ve only ever watched the English version- I thought that it was just written that way.

While Sailor Moon is probably the most extreme example, changes like this are the big reason many anime fans prefer subs (even fansubs) over dubs. They’re also the reason we’re so happy about Viz Media acquiring the rights and releasing a new, accurate dubbing which is true to the original Sailor Moon anime, and why we have so little patience for the handful of people who are whining and screaming about the new dub.

I mean, it’s one thing to like the modified dubs better, and another entirely to go off screaming that Viz should be boycotted and that Naoko Takeuchi is ruining everything forever by releasing a correctly dubbed original instead of a refresh of the modified version. No, I’m not kidding — that’s literally what Nangbaby has been screaming about. Read her post and be amazed by the narcissism, entitlement, racism, and homophobia!

Wow I never knew

I think I rebloged this before but this is really, really important.

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PSE = Pumpkin Spice Errything~ 🎃

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My favorite part about Tokyo Disneyland Halloween is the headwear! To see more pics from the collection join “Disney Merchandise Spies” on FB #disney #disneyhalloween #halloween #tokyodisneyland #tokyodisneysea #mickey #minnie #disneygram #instadisney



Title: THIS IS HALLOWEEN (like youve never heard) 1,271,447 plays

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Not feeling very good about myself today. Shitty few days and bad morning and I left my clicker at home so I just don’t feel right without my jewelry. Anyway.. Here’s today’s look.. Again; all #BHCosmetics @bhcosmetics and #urbandecay.. Ignore the shitty done-at-work-with-pencil brows..

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my outfit last week for the kyary concert. 

I looked like that creepy goth against all the cute pastel people (◕‿◕✿)

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"Petit" tour dans Camden Town : un quartier génial et dingue et drôle et beau et foux et étrange et…. bref, un quartier à ne SURTOUT PAS rater! Si en plus vous trouvez le magasin Cyberdog alors il ne faut pas hésiter à y entrer, c’est juste complètement dingue!!! (Avec un peu de chance vous aussi vous croiserez Yannick Noah et sa petite famille! )

"Small" tour in Camden Town, a great and crazy and funny and beautiful and strange and …. so, a district you must not miss! And if you find the Cyberdog store then do not hesitate to get in, it’s just crazy!


Done by David Côté at Imperial Tattoo Connexion in Montreal, Quebec.

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